Standard Fee $151 payable on the day - Medicare rebate $84.80 - Effective gap of $66.20 - see below for more details:

The fees to see Garry Raymond can be paid by cash or EFTPOS and Medicare rebates can be processed using a bank card on-site.  Please note that other psychologists operating from Triple One Psychology are independent practitioners and they are free to offer different fees.






Rural and Remote

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) currently has recommended a fee of $251.00 per hour (46-60 minutes).  Psychologists are free to vary their fees above or below the recommended fee.  

The usual fee charged by Garry Raymond for a standard psychology health consultation of over 50 minutes is $151.  This is $100 less than the APS recommended fee.  A session of 50+ minutes would usually attract a Medicare rebate of $84.80 meaning your contribution will end up being $66.20.  The full fee needs to be paid on the day and the rebate can be processed immediately by EFTPOS.  The rebate will probably be paid to your account the same day that your account is charged for the full fee.  The fee for a short consultation is $111.  A Medicare rebate of $60.20 may apply for short consultations resulting in your contribution of $50.80.  Medicare rebates can not be paid into a credit account.  As long as you have a cash or cheque account attached to your card, the Medicare rebate can be processed on site.  Medicare rebates are not payable for any consultation that is less than 20 minutes in length.  Please note that fees above are only available at Triple One Psychology sites.  Higher fees will apply at other sites.  Ask for clarification if you are not sure if the site you are attending is a Triple One Psychology site. 

Garry Raymond no longer provides bulk-billing to individual clients on benefits, unless this has been negotiated in advance directly between him and the referrer.  Bulk-billing will continue to be provided to existing clients on re-referral where bulk-billing has already been arranged and the service has not been interrupted by a period of inactivity.

Other rebates may be available if you have some forms of private health extras cover.  You will need to check with your own insurer what they will cover and how much they will pay as a rebate.  Note that you can only claim one rebate type per session.  For example, if you have claimed from Medicare, you can not then make an additional claim for the same session from your private health cover.

Work such as 'Workcover' or 'Return to Work', injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents, and 'Victims of Crime' are charged at the 'Return to Work' rates ($181.60 per hour), all of which can usually be recovered and there may not be any need to pay anything up front unless there is doubt about the success of your claim.

Garry charges the APS recommended fee for any work that is not directly health-related such as executive coaching and performance in sport work.  If this is not affordable for good reason, a lower fee or a payment plan may be negotiable in advance of any appointment.

There are substantial financial and other costs for the psychologist caused by missed appointments.  Therefore fees are charged for missed appointments or any appointment cancelled with less than 24-hours notice.  Medicare will not cover missed appointments and appointments cancelled at short notice.  If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice or you do not attend without giving any notice you will be charged the full fee that would have been charged for a standard appointment.  Medicare will also not cover consultations if there is no valid referral from a General Practitioner (GP), or Psychiatrist, or Paediatrician.  If you attend without a valid referral, you will be charged the full fee with no chance of a rebate from Medicare.  Payments can be made by EFT, EFTPOS, or cash.   

The following additional charges will apply for requested services not suitable to be completed within an appointment time:

Letter of up to one page                                                 $110

Letters or reports of more than one page                 Hourly rates apply depending on the nature of work

Telephone calls of more than 5 minutes                     $25 per 6-minute block or part thereof

Travel time if not covered elsewhere                           $110 per hour

Copying of documents or files                                       $181.60 per hour (based onReturn to Work rates)

If the time and cost required for a service is not clear in advance, it is suggested you ask for a quote based on a realistic estimate.

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