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Rural and Remote

LifetickĀ® is an internet-based way of keeping a journal and recording and tracking progress towards SMART goals.

Lifetick is a registered trademark and an initiative of Meridian 86 IP Pty. Ltd., a Queensland-based company.  Garry Raymond subscribes to Lifetick as a coach.  If you want, he can create a Lifetick account for you if you see him in private practice.  If an account is created for you, Garry as the coach, can see your progress between sessions.  

Lifetick can be accessed from a desktop or laptop computer or from a smart phone or tablet including iPads and iPhones.  If you want to use Lifetick, Garry will provide more information and ask you for formal consent before creating a Lifetick account.   All the Lifetick accounts Garry creates are temporary, but if you want to continue the account after you have finished seeing Garry, that can also be arranged.  Some smaller Lifetick accounts are free.  Others attract a monthly fee.

Click here for more information about Lifetick and to see the Lifetick site.

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