Rural and Remote Services

Rural and remote services are available face-to-face and through video-conferencing (telehealth)






Rural and Remote

In November 2017 the Federal Government expanded the coverage of Medicare items for Psychology services to include some provision of services through video conferencing.  This has opened up possibilities for Psychologists based in cities to be able to help people that they could not otherwise reach.  If you live more than 50 km away from Adelaide and larger country centres like Whyalla or Mount Gambier, you may be eligible for these Medicare rebates.  These rebates may also be useful for people who live in cities or large country centres, but make trips into the country or remote locations and would like to maintain contact with their psychologist.

To service country and remote clients, Garry Raymond accessed a secure internet-based video conferencing package.  This technology may not suit everybody and every situation so a first appointment may be offered as a free trial with no obligation on either party before proceeding.  You will need a referral and Mental Health Care Plan from a GP to access the Medicare rebates if you decide to continue.  The same fee structure will be used for these items as is used for face-to-face items. 

To use video conferencing, you will need access to a broadband internet connection and a suitable device with a front facing camera such as a smart phone, or iPad or tablet, or a laptop or desktop computer.  If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Garry Raymond on 0458 080 015.

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